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The doctors and the staff are always friendly and make every effort to be accommodating and attentive.

They fixed my crossbite very well and then put me on Invisalign. originally the Invisalign was there only to help stop the cross bite from returning but then was purely there for beauty reasons. At one point I asked weather or not the Invisalign was still doing anything to the crossbite and they said no, but strongly recommended that I keep going. I eventually did but was kind of in a weird position because they were really pushing me to say yes even though I didn't really want to spend the money.

Working with the Drs. of Leone & Vaughn has been an easy experience for my son. He is finishing up his Invisalign and is grateful the way the doctors talk to him and involve him in decisions and allow him to ask questions.

Great orthodontist office ... easy appointments and great customer service!